2014년 12월 8일 월요일

My precious experience through the "Hang out"_Extravaganza

It was first time for me to hang out like that.
I've never experienced to discuss something through video chatting with people.
So I felt more excited and a little nervous but it becomes an unforgettable memory to me really. 
My topic was based on two contrary premise in terms of jobs.
one is getting a high salary but tedious and unhappy, the other is getting less money but fun and enjoyable. Moreover, we talked about education environment between Korea and foreign country. Actually what I want to emphasize was that you are a main character in your life and life is too short. Therefore, act and enjoy what you want while you live. 
After sharing thoughts, I got to know many friends want to do what they like even though they might make ends meet. 
In my case, I have a dream to build my own company and do a business in the future although It is risky any might earn less money than get into the company.
Because It's a big challenge and I'm able to experience diverse thing from doing that.
so I look forward to what happenings to me in my bright future.

2014년 12월 1일 월요일

what job would you like to have in your dream?

Boring but get more money

                       vs    Fun but get less money?


  what is your choice?

There are many jobs you can have. but Let's suppose if you have to chose between two things. Actually, It is not easy to have a job which is satisfied with all things.

I'm going to talk about case when you would have a job which is fun but get less money. 

Have you ever thought about building your own company or doing your business?

Most students tend to take it for granted that earn money from other's company, even though it's not a way they want. I think one of the reasons is affected by a social climate. People say the one who enter a large company has a success life.
As a result, Students only concentrate on preparation for qualifying conditions to get a job in the big company.

For example, Toeic, Toeic speaking, various certificate, extracurricular activities and so on. 
In other words, Most students are losing opportunities to think about their dream and themselves.

In my opinion, The thing that value me the most in life is happiness.
whichever we do, if we carry out what we want, we are already successful in spite of getting less money.

So, I am going to discuss this topic with my partner dong min as a opposite position.
Here are some questions related to this topic.

Q1. What would you like to do after graduation?
Q2. Have you ever thought about doing your own business?
Q3. Which one are you going to choose above question?

Before we start, I want you guys to think yourselves once deeply. so, I hope this discussion would be an important opportunity to make a decision in your life.
Because you are a main character in your life!

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2014년 10월 18일 토요일

About Love

My experience with love.

Oct 19, 2014


I think one of the most important thing is doing love in our lives.
I've experienced having a real love with someone. 
While I'm falling in love, my feeling depends on our relationship.  
when we were good, I felt huge happiness that I have never experienced. I was happy all day long. On the other hand, If we weren't, I got sensitive and fussy. Besides, I even cried. So, I couldn't concentrate on what I have to do. 

Here is interesting fact.

Love affects human brain in many ways according to research result.
when we fall in love, the frontal lobe which is in charge of judgement come to a halt
and the function that control and deal with feelings is stopped.
Especially, these are applied when see only beloved.

Although I either can't control emotion due to love sometimes, I am becoming a better person in that process. That is, we are being a mature person by going through meeting and say goodbye over and over again. 

I realized we can learn many things from love in our lives.
It is not too much to say that learning life is doing love.
I hope everyone try to do real love though it might hurts you. It will be a lot of assistance and realization for oneself.  


2014년 9월 27일 토요일

KIEP_Talk Concert " The conditions of global talent "


KIEP_Talk Concert 
" The conditions of global talent "

A few days ago, I've been to auditorium to listen talk concert which was held by KIEP.Actually, I was supposed to attend  my another class but my friend lead me to go there. She said it will really help you in diverse ways which I pursue. So I participated in talk concert abruptly. I don't regret to listen till now. My choice was good!

we took some photos at break time :)

The theme is related to emerging market. There were three lecturers to give a nice speech.
But I'm going to post about one of them. His name is Bonghoon Kim. He gave a lecture that how to be a global leader. He said English is important to succeed but it accounts only for 2% of preparing qualifications to be a global leader. 
And then, he made an additional remark. "There are six primary elements"

1. Understand different culture.
2. Do travel as much as possible.
3. Read books regarding to global leadership.
4. Find the job which is famous for globalization.
5. Have an idea to create your ability.
6. Search the information & analysis.

At the same time, He asked which one is more important.

- IQ & EQ

His answer was an EQ. The definition is a measurement of a person's ability to monitor his or her emotions, to cope with pressures and demands, and to control his or her thoughts and actions.

- AQ

It is called Adversity Quotient. It means a measure of how you respond to adversity (change and challenges).
It provides the tools for improving how you respond and thus overall professional effectiveness.

- SQ

It means Social Quotient. The capacity to effectively negotiate complex social relationships and environments.

In my opinion, I almost agree with that. But one thing, I think learning English is necessary to work in whole world. We ,especially, the people who want to be a global leader should know how to speak English fluently. Because, As you guys know, English is official language.
If you can't avoid it, you might as well try and enjoy it!
Let's all cheer up for our successful future !!

I was given a gift from host at quiz time!!
It was a pretty coffee mug of Starbucks.
I'm so happy ~<3